Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Look what hubby bought me

So, I've been begging my husband for months for an elliptical and yesterday he got me one!! Woo Hoo!!! :) It is the ONE piece of fitness equipment that I loved at the gym and it is such a great overall workout. I can't wait for the hubby to put it together tonight so I can use it.

On the food front, I'm happy to have lost 0.2 over the holiday weekend where we went camping. I didn't overeat or anything, but I wasn't watching what I was eating either. So, I'm glad to have lost a "little" something. But, back at this week full force. Yesterday was a good day and I'm going to keep the momentum going.

On June 3rd, there will be a new challenge starting over at Sisterhood Of The Shrinking Jeans. I can't wait, I L O V E challenges as it keeps me motivated and held accountable. They have weigh-in's on Wednesdays challenge or not, so I'm going to head over there now and post my weight.

Last Week: 167.4
This Week: 165.8
Down -1.6

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Anonymous said...

Yea on your new elliptical machine, that awesome. I can't wait for the challenge either this will be my first one.